Wednesday, October 29, 2014

80 degrees in October....ride all day! What else!

Wow!  What a beautiful day yesterday was.  80 degrees and all sunshine, what better day to ride the bike only for all trips that day.  To the store, auto parts, m/c dealer, go look at some flooring for the downstairs apartment, stop-by and visit a buddy of mine, stop-by the barbershop and so on. 

I got on the bike about 7:30 and parked it later that day at dusk.  Put on about 200 miles too! And all just around town.  I went and ordered a decal to put on the windscreen with the year make and model of the bike so I don't have to answer so many questions or have people wait around for me to return to the bike to ask about it.

Today the weather turned COLD and windy so I'll just have to p[ass on riding today.  But there is always Tomorrow!

Decal arrived and I installed it.

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