Friday, August 29, 2014 what!

I just came back from a short ride with Bob riding his R75/5 and me on the R100.  Another great ride.  Looks like I'm going to pack up (but I'm already packed) and head out on the R100 on Tuesday.  I really love riding this machine.  I will do a valve adjustment and oil change this weekend to make ready for the trip.  Not sure where to go but it will be west from here for sure.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Just RIDE!

This bike has given me no trouble at all.  Today I did 255 miles trouble free every time.  Once today I forgot to turn the fuel on but in a short time it let me know it was hungry and a quick flip of the wrist and I was going again.

Love riding the bike, I just have to remember to slow down on the tight turns, did a wheel lift on the sidecar today.  Not a big deal but it gets my attention.

I've been making plans to do a major ride on my R60 but now I'm thinking I should take the rig and enjoy trouble free riding and not having to put my foot down, plus I can carry extra fuel and luggage.  I need to make my mind up this week because my plans were to leave next Saturday morning, weather permitting.

Again, GREAT bike!  I enjoy every ride with it and it runs like a BMW should.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Daily riding and then some.

I've been putting on the miles and today Bob, Mike and I took a ride on country roads to Sykesville, MD.....just because it was there.  Lots of fun, many twists and turns.  They were on their R75/5 and R100rt while I was on the R100 with sidecar.  Many looks from the folks at the farmers market, many waves fro other bikers, lots of BMW's on the road today and what a beautiful day for a ride too.

So, now I'm rethinking about my upcoming long x/c ride....why not take the sidecar and leave the R60 in the shop?  I might just do that.......

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Everday transportation

Well I have been riding the rig for my everyday needs.  Caught in the rain only once but wasn't too bad so I drove on. 

This morning I took a ride to visit friend near Potomac and already put on 124 miles.  Since the 5th I've logged about 600 miles and not one problem with the bike BUT I continue to burn the heel of my left foot on the exhaust pipe.  That is the only problem I have been having and it's not with the bike but placement of my foot on the floorboard.  No use of oil in the engine and the bike is running smooth.  Neutral can be hard to find sometimes at a long sign light but it only takes a couple of flips to get it in the green.

I have to admit groceries are easy to load and unload in the sidecar and I still get a lot of thumbs up as I'm riding around.  Gas mileage is about 30+ mpg but most of the driving is stop and go.

I really need to give the bike a good washing.  I never did a detailing on it since I got it and now that I'm driving it a lot it would be nice to get it looking like new (or at least clean) again. 

At lights people will drive along side and ask the usual questions all the way up to the stupid, Is that a Harley?...or  Do you want to race?.......or still "Can you drive it from the little car?.  Good God, give me a break!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Back in the saddle.....again.

I returned from Mexico and finally unpacked.  Plan to go riding this morning.  What I want to do is only use the bike for todays transportation around town.  I need to pick up a part at Bob's BMW so why not just be bike only all day?  I'll update later my adventures......hope it doesn't rain!