Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Riding the R50

Well, I haven't been feeling very well the past week but I have been putting in some time working and now riding the R50.  I now have new tires and tubes on all the wheels, new shift rubber, new gas cap seal (all my jeans smell like gasoline), keys that fit the toolbox and steering lock but still need to be cut, I was able to pick the toolbox lock but nothing was inside but dirt and dust.

While I was a Bob's BMW getting parts one of the guys checked out the 50 and really liked it a lot, also when I went to the pharmacy to pick up  some meds a guy was waiting by the bike just to tell me how cool the bike looked especially the CUB Cadet tractor seat that was in the sidecar.  He was in his 40's or so and just could not let me get away with all his questions about the bike, some old gal said she would like to have the bike too to take her dog for rides........good grief, give me a break.

So I rode around a lot today and later swung back to the farm and did a little cleaning on the bike, Oh I also installed a new right hand grip since the original was splitting apart and being held together with two tie wraps and some duct tape,  getting my hand sticky too.

I like watching the show "What's in the Barn" about old, very old motorcycles.  The guys on the show have a museum I think down in Tennessee that I would like to go visit so I'm checking on the mileage and route to see if I can do it on the R50.......well, just maybe!

That's it for todays post.  Hope I feel better tomorrow.

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