Saturday, October 11, 2014

It's ALWAYS something

OK, so I'm getting ready for my ride to Wheels through Time motorcycle museum,  about a 525 mile trip one way.  Checked all lubes, installed new tires and tubes, charged battery, bought and installed new sidecar cover and sidecar windscreen skirt.  This morning already have a flat on the sidecar....haven't even backed out of the shop!  Took of the tire and sure enough a pinhole in the tube, no patches for me, went out and bought a new tube, heavy duty for off road riding, extra thick!  Remounted the tire and went for a test ride with the all new tires.  One mile (exactly) from the shop the bike stops running.......I did a quick field check and sure enough no spark, most likely the points, pushed the bike 1/2 mile then coasted down the hill to the shop.  In the shop opened her up and there was the problem, broken wire to the points.  Everything put back together and test run....ENOUGH for today!

But I am ready to go.  Weather permitting leaving Tuesday morning for the first 300 miles and finish it up on Wednesday.  Thursday tour the museum, visit with Dale if he is available, spend the night then back on the road.

The show is called "What's in the Barn"  on the Velocity Channel.   Great show, very interesting and educational (all about motorcycles).

He are some current R50 photos with all the new goodies installed.

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