Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Time for post trip repairs and thoughts.

I went over the bike and started servicing it from the ride.  Changed the oil in the engine, trans and rear.  Need to replace the dust boot on the driveshaft to trans area (picking it up today at Bob's).  I want to relube the tach and speedo cables, one of them made a squeal on the way home and not sure which one.  Everything else seems fine.

  I learned a thing or two riding this far on that old bike;

 #1 Keep the sidecar windscreen down if no one is in the sidecar.  I had a lot of wind resistance and it made the engine work harder than needed to maintain good speed.

 #2 Take more riding breaks.

 #3 Change that new handgrip on the throttle, my hand still hurts and two fingers are still not working correctly.  The grip is too thin and did not configure to my hand well.

 #4 Check for fuel and oil leaks at every stop.

 #5 Spend a little more time talking to people that have interest in the bike and trip.  Many of these folks will never experience the time and joy I have riding; some can only dream, some can not afford it, some will never have the time and some are just scared.

 #6 Keep doing what I'm doing and enjoy the time I have, the way I want.

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