Sunday, October 26, 2014

Too Cool!

That is what someone said to me today at the Motor Cycle Swap Meet at the Howard County Fairgrounds.  I went to the meet looking for some parts and did find a pair of Second Story motorcycle bags in heavy leather for $30.  I don't think 2nd is in business anymore and I know that the bags they had were of high quality so I'm glad I found a pair in real nice shape and condition too.

There were a lot of people at the meet.  Maybe 50 + motorcycles rode in while I was there and pretty much newer bikes, I think mine was the oldest ride in but there were about 20 or so bikes for sale indoors.  A few old ones (Harleys).

The wind was blowing very hard today, gusts to 40 mph so the ride back home was difficult.  I did some local riding and a grocery run, that sidecar is sure handy.

That's it for this weekends report.

I have a few repairs to do during the week all minor but need to be done before they become major!

I have a busy week ahead with doctor appointments.

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