Saturday, October 18, 2014

BACK from a great trip to " Wheels Through Time "

WOW, if you ever get a chance go to that museum.  So many great things to say about it and the staff.  I had one of my best museum trips ever. 

Along the way had a little problem or two.  First drove about 120 miles in heavy rain, had a fuel leak where the crossover hose rubbed against the engine and made a hole at the connection and almost at every fuel stop had people out asking about the bike, even had folks videoing me as I drove down the highway and many thumbs up in fact one gal rolled down her window and said " What a cool  ride!", in fact said more than one time by many.

At one stop 3 guys from the BMW plant in NC spent about 30 minutes with me looking over the bike asking questions and telling stories about their rides.  One guy pulled up in VA and said he is going straight home to work on his 1968 Bonneville after seeing my bike,  It inspired him to get his done that has been sitting for 4 years in the garage.

Here are some photos.  Enjoy!  I should add my right hand is cramped from holding the throttle.

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