Sunday, October 5, 2014


Yes, it's finally on the road...well not very far but I did run up and down the road a few times plus climb the hill to the farmhouse.  This bike is very strong and smooth.  I think it is even better than the R100.  I know it is lighter in weight and seems to steer quicker.  I need to get my brake light working before I start heading out very far.  Starts on the second kick (most of the time anyway).  I like the lower profile and the way the ride feels.  The main chassis on the bike it's self is much lower than the R100.  The bike has pegs and not floorboards and that makes a difference when shifting.  I also noticed the neutral light is not lit so I'm hoping it is just a bad connection because the switch is difficult to replace and costs about $40.  Delice made a short video but it needs to be reshot so I'll post that later.'s a drivable machine and I like the ratty look.  No need to paint it.

I should have added.  I installed the new tires front and rear but did not do the sidecar.  I wanted to relace the wheel down from a 19" to an 18" thinking that it would keep the rig on an even plain but after installing the bike tires I did some measuring and it looks like the 19" will still keep the rig very level once I readjust the shock absorber on the sidecar chassis.  So, I'm waiting for the new 19" tire.

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