Monday, December 1, 2014

This can't be winter!

70 degrees today, perfect motorcycling weather so I had to take advantage of it for awhile.  When I got back to the shop I wanted to see if the R100 would start so with a new battery and fresh fuel it fired right up.  Sounded good too!  I ran it for a few minutes and let it cool down.  Ran a compression check,  big surprise 137 and 140 psi.  Wow, I didn't expect that at all.  The clutch is really messed up,  I don't think it is the clutch but more the pressure plate as being the problem but teardown will answer that question.  With weather like this I might start taking the engine out this week.
I did have time to remove the side bags and the framework that mounted them.

So right now the R100 is keeping the R50 and R60 company on one side of the shop.

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