Sunday, December 14, 2014

Another one for the road.

Finished up the R100/7 this morning.  The bike runs and drives well.  Even though it is the same model as my 77' this 78' has some physical differences and handles much better.  There is better steering control and it seems a little smoother over bumps. All I want to do now is change the mufflers over to stock.  The mufflers that are on it are an after-market and I just don't like the way they sound.  So, my personal BMW inventory is 1 R50/2 conversion to R75, 1 R60/5, 1 R80/7 and  2 R100/7 's.  I want to thin it down to the R50, the R80 and the R100 that I just finished repairing.

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