Saturday, December 13, 2014

A long day with many adventures.

One of my ridding buddies went along for the trip to Bob's BMW in Jessup, MD.  Bob had his Holiday Party and Martin and I were the first to arrive. BMW's , food and drinks were already out and Martin and I watched as others rode in for the event.  Yes, it was cold this morning but many attended via BMW's.  I tried the Pumpkin Bisque, some coffee and a few sweets.  At the event met and talked with Jorge Serpa ( ). He traveled to Alaska on his BMW and was preparing for a 16,000 mile trip around South America.  Very interesting guy, originally from Portugal but living in Chevy Chase, MD when not living on his BMW.

After the event went back to my shop and finished assembling the R100/7.  Martin stopped by to help and we got it done quickly, but the battery was dead and could not start.  It's on the charger right now and hope to start in the morning.  I did remove the gauge cluster to find out what was wrong with the odometer.  Turned out that the geared shaft slid out of position and the counter stopped but the speedo kept working.  I made a back-yard repair by reinstalling the shaft and setting the gear in place and on the other end attached a washer and nut with the help of some sealant.  Not pretty but should go at least 100K. 

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