Friday, December 12, 2014

Now what !

Well I was getting ready to install the transmission so I could center the clutch disk and then I noticed the clutch rod had a mushroomed ridge on it.  I knew it was a little worn and planned to, I thought, easily remove it once the trans was in but it was not coming out that easy.  I had to cut the damaged area with a hacksaw to remove the rod. It was in very bad shape so it took until today to get a new one and I figured its best just to replace all the parts in the clutch release system.  So now I have everything from the rod to the rubber boot and everything in-between.  Here is a photo of the old and new rods.  That little button you see was the damaged area I had to cut off to remove the rod.

You'll also notice that the spacer for the bearing to ride on is also fused to the rod, all due to friction and over adjustment of the clutch release arm.

Here is a view with the rod still in the transmission.  You can see how it was mushroomed over making a collar that would not allow for removal of the rod.

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