Sunday, November 30, 2014


What a wonderful day for riding!  About 62 degrees and full of sunshine.  Stopped off at the shop and did a quick inventory of the R100 I got from Al.  Made a list of things I plan to do and the order I want to do them in.  Put one of my batteries on charge and plan to install in the bike just to turn it over.  I made a call to a friend of mine to see if he had another set of stock BMW mufflers I can trade him out of with some /2 parts.  Dry fit a solo seat to see what it would look like going solo.  After that the sunshine was calling so I jumped on the R50/2 and hit the road for about 4 hours of riding, swung by the grocery store on the way home and had a guy waiting for me at the bike asking for permission to take a few photos of the bike.  He thought the "as found" colors with patina rust was way too cool!  He said it would be impossible to make a bike look like that and liked natures way of showing the age of the rig.  After his 5 or 6 photos I got back to the house, then the shop for a little more looking over Al's R100.  It's going to be a great winter project and awesome bike when finished.

Al, is that a tear I see coming out from under your glasses?



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