Saturday, November 29, 2014

So...what good are plans anyway?

I was going to Bob's BMW Pie Day until I got an email with a craigslist ad for a 1978 R100.  I made a call to the owner, Al, and early this morning headed to Pittsburgh to pick it up.  I saw one photo of the bike but after talking to Al it sounded like the prefect winter project.  I left at sun-up and got there about 11 am.  Met Al and his son Steve and began to load.  Bike came with a few handy spares too.  Al and Steve said it needed a clutch replacement but I'll do my usual thing, pull the engine, pull the cylinders, remove the trans, inspect the lower end, to a top overhaul, hopefully get by with just a new clutch (I think I have one that will fit), reassemble start and test.  If I can get by with just that it would be nice.  The bike is in nice over-all condition with usual bumps, scrapes and upholstery problems but I'm more of a mechanically fit guy and once all the mechanics are done, I'm done and I ride the way it looks.  Checkout the cool leather bags!  They are going on the R50 if they fit.

Here are some photos of the bike and a photo of the reworked Ural leg shield that I trimmed to fit the R50/2.

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  1. How do you like the leg shields? Do they have a single mounting bracket? Are they metal or plastic?
    Thought I might buy a pair for my sidehack rig but was afraid they might be "wobbly" if they only had one bracket.(?)
    Doug S.