Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday ride.

Wow, I can really get use to this.  Didn't have to put my foot down once.....funny feeling not doing that.  Anyway, went out and about.  Put on about 75 miles, country road style.  When I got back I got an email from Mike who lives nearby and a new sidecar owner too.  I think he wrote 2 weeks, so we have had ownership about the same amount of time.  I sent Mike my phone number so maybe we can do a ride out every so often.  

Back to the bike,  rode very nice but on one turn I did get some sidecar air on a right turn.  I wasn't going very fast at all,  maybe just didn't shift weight correctly (not that I weigh very much).  Topped off the tank with some "fresh" fuel, I never drained the tank, had old fuel but the color look stabilized.  It also ran ok with it too.  When I stopped for gas a guy came over to me and told me he had an R75/6 in his garage that he had parked for about 5 years.  Didn't want to sell but would like to get it running again. I offered my help and will call him tonight after 5, he's working until 4 and when I offered to help he seemed to perk up a bit.  He said he spent $3,000 at the local BMW dealer for work on the bike but not with good results.  I've heard that before.

Mike from Olney, MD called and we got together at the farm.  He has a beautiful Bonneville with cozy sidecar.  Very clean machine.  We took a short ride to the Brighton Dam behind the farm, only about 3 miles, he headed off from there for his afternoon ride, I turned back and headed home.  Enough for today plus I need to finish cutting the lawn.

That's All for today.  Safe riding!

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