Friday, September 12, 2014

That didn't take long!!!!!

Wow, things just keep happening.....A few days ago I bought another rig.  Not just an everyday hack but a BMW R50/2 conversion.  It is powered by a 1973 R75/5 drivetrain and is a common conversion.  This rig has been sitting for about 21 years and is rough, rusty and a little broken up....but...will be my new to me ride.  Once on the road it will be good bye to the R100.  The engine on the R50 was locked up from sitting and moisture entering the left cylinder.  I was able to remove the cylinder and piston, hone the cylinder and clean the piston.  The inners of the engine looked clean so today I will try to reassemble the engine, I just need to pick up a few gaskets this morning.  I hope to turn the engine over and maybe even start it.

The sidecar is a stock BMW hack.  BUT must have hit an unmovable object because it is damaged on the front and will require some heating and hammering to get her straight again.  Like the bike the wheel is rusty, maybe even beyond repair but it does have a spare on the rear deck.  I will post photos later today.

I've been reading up on conversions and it seems this one was done properly.  I picked up the "stuff" in the dead of night and rain.  I had just returned from a 500 mile trip to get a Moto Guzzi up in PA when the owner of this new bike said....tonight or never because I have another offer for in the morning....boom...I left to get the "stuff".  I am saying "stuff" because I was not sure of what I was buying but made the commitment anyway, so, $1500 and a trip to Sterling, VA (in the rain).  With the help of the owner we dragged everything up and on the trailer, still not sure of what I bought because of the darkness.  I know a few pieces are missing but think I have those spares in my shop, 99% of the rig is there and that's all I care about right now.  SO, let's see if I can get it running today....I HOPE!

Here are some photos!

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