Sunday, September 28, 2014

Good to be back.

Well the body of the sidecar is well underway.  Need some dolly work but can't find my dollies so I went to work on the bike with a good general cleaning and figure out why no spark.  The points are now working correctly but still no spark and I think it is just because I do not have enough power via the jumper cables so tomorrow I'll make up the battery to bike harness.  I plan to use an automotive battery and locate it in the sidecar trunk.  It looks like the previous owner did the same because some hold down strap clamps were mounted on the floor of the hack.  I plan to install a battery box.  I can make up the cables a little long and trim once the sidecar is remounted.  The sidecar frame is in pretty good shape and needs some general cleaning and rust removal plus touch up painting.  Below are some good photos of the bike with the first wash down completed.  More work planned for tomorrow afternoon.

Yes the rims are very rusty and will be replaced but for now I can move the bike around with them as is.  I'll start steel wooling the bike during the week to get it better looking.  I don't really plan to repaint.  It took 50 years to get the patina just the way it is and I like it.

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