Saturday, September 13, 2014

So this is want I found

Got everything unloaded and of course the engine would not turn over.  Been sitting since 1993 in a shed.  After playing around I found that the left piston was stuck in the cylinder so with a little help from a block of wood and hammer I got things apart, re honed the cylinder to clean it up, unstuck the piston rings and cleaned it, inspected the inners and made my trip to Bob's BMW for overpriced parts and re assembled.  Inspected the wiring, re wired the ignition coils, polarity was reversed, cleaned the fuel tank, installed new fuel lines and filter, did everything but start the bike.  I have no idea where the previous owner had a battery installed so I plan to set it up the same way as the R100, with a battery in the sidecar.....but since the sidecar is not ready and just put it on the floor and run some cables to the bike wires.....but that is for another day.   Time for some riding on the other rig.

Cylinder re installed and ready for head.  I don't polish the piston head, just removed the carbon.

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