Sunday, August 24, 2014

Just RIDE!

This bike has given me no trouble at all.  Today I did 255 miles trouble free every time.  Once today I forgot to turn the fuel on but in a short time it let me know it was hungry and a quick flip of the wrist and I was going again.

Love riding the bike, I just have to remember to slow down on the tight turns, did a wheel lift on the sidecar today.  Not a big deal but it gets my attention.

I've been making plans to do a major ride on my R60 but now I'm thinking I should take the rig and enjoy trouble free riding and not having to put my foot down, plus I can carry extra fuel and luggage.  I need to make my mind up this week because my plans were to leave next Saturday morning, weather permitting.

Again, GREAT bike!  I enjoy every ride with it and it runs like a BMW should.

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