Saturday, July 19, 2014

A bear to handle

That's what my friend Martin said today after I swapped bikes with him on a morning ride we had.  His is a K1200, 2003,  runs like a sewing machine and sounds like one too.  I watched him struggle along with the hack and it looks like he enjoyed having a workout on it.

We did some local riding and country roads, lots of turns and twists, not to mention potholes too.  I'll head out again later today for a longer run.  I'm waiting for the mail because I have parts due in for my R60 project.  Martin and I were talking briefly about a ride up to Nova Scotia.  Before we left the shop I removed that corbin seat and installed an old stock seat.  Bike looks better and I like the seat position too.  Even though is in poor condition I'll leave it on and recover it next month.

I did a evening ride and the odometer turned to 95,000 miles while I was riding.

Here is a photo of the stock style seat I put in place of the Corbin.

Now that is more like it!

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